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Welcome to Ruston Orthodontics, Vienna's trusted home for exceptional braces. Under the guidance of our seasoned doctor, we are deeply committed to crafting radiant smiles through braces. Embark on a transformative journey with us, and witness firsthand the magic of a beautiful smile.

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Braces Choices: Metal or LightForce Clear?:

We offer two main types of braces: the classic Metal Braces and the modern LightForce Clear Braces. Both are great; it just depends on what you're looking for.

Metal Braces: The Classic Choice:

Metal Braces have been around for a while, and for a good reason. They're strong, reliable, and get the job done. While they're based on a tried-and-true method, today's versions are way better than those from years past. They're more comfortable, look nicer, and work even faster in shaping your perfect smile.

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LightForce Clear Braces: Modern and Subtle:

Then there's the LightForce Clear Braces—a more recent addition to the braces family. These are perfect if you want something that's not so noticeable. Especially popular among teens and adults, these clear braces work their magic without drawing attention, letting your growing confidence shine.

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Your Orthodontic Journey with Us

Starting with a free consultation, we'll sit down and truly listen to your smile aspirations and concerns. We'll then proceed with some detailed X-rays, offering us a clearer insight into the best treatment approach tailored just for you. Together, we'll explore various options, ensuring you're informed and comfortable with the chosen path. After finalizing the plan, your transformative journey to a dazzling new smile commences. And remember, throughout this adventure, we'll be right by your side, guiding, supporting, and celebrating each milestone with you.

Initial Consultation & Diagnosis:

Start with an in-depth consultation where the orthodontist evaluates your dental health and understands your goals. This involves X-rays, photos, and dental molds to pinpoint any orthodontic issues.

Treatment Planning

Based on the diagnosis, a tailored treatment plan is drafted. This blueprint highlights the orthodontic devices, treatment duration, and any additional steps, ensuring patients are clear about the next phases.

Active Treatment Phase

Here's the transformative stage! Braces or other devices are set in place. Periodic appointments ensure adjustments are made and progress is on track. Care of the devices during this time is essential.

Retention & Aftercare

After achieving the smile goal and removing the devices, the focus shifts to retention. Retainers, either fixed or removable, are introduced to secure the new teeth position. Occasional check-ups help maintain the results.

Putting You First

Whatever you decide, know that we're here for you. Your care, comfort, and smile are our top priorities. Ready to start? Let's chat about getting you that dream smile. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation!

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